Terms and Conditions

ACO FUNKI A/S general terms of sales and delivery - Online sales

This is valid for online trade from the 1st of April 2021 and replaces all previously published terms of sales and delivery. All prices are gross prices excluding VAT and are subject to the following general sales and delivery terms.

ACO FUNKI A/S is not liable for misprints or product and price changes. The sales and delivery terms stated below are valid unless a written agreement of derogation is signed between ACO FUNKI A/S and Buyer.

Drawings and product information

Drawings, wording in quotes, illustrations, technical specifications and other product information etc. are guiding and without any obligation or liability. ACO FUNKI A/S is not liable for any errors, misinterpretations, notices or laws etc.


All prices are excluding VAT.  ACO FUNKI A/S reserves the right to price regulations due to changes in taxes, fees or material costs.

Payment terms

Net cash.

Delivery terms

DAP - according to Incoterms 2020. (ACO FUNKI A/S has taken out transport insurance on all deliveries, notwithstanding delivery condition.)

Time of delivery

According to agreement between Buyer and ACO FUNKI A/S.

Right of withdrawel

ACO FUNKI A/S grants 2 weeks right of withdrawel upon receipt of the goods. The right of withdrawel expires 2 weeks after receipt of goods, or, in case of part delivery of different articles on the same order, 2 weeks after the last article was in physical possession.

Any wish to withdraw the purchase, must be stated to us no later than 2 weeks upon receipt of the goods. Withdrawel notice must be conveyed to us by e-mail to acofunki@acofunki.dk. Buyer’s wish to execute his right of withdrawel must be clearly stated to us. Refusing to accept delivery without specifically expressing to us that purchase is withdrawn, does not qualify as sufficient withdrawel notice.

Returning of goods

Buyer must return goods without any unnecessary delay and within 2 weeks after his claim of withdrawel rights. Any direct costs in connection with the return shipment go to Buyer’s own account and Buyer is liable for the goods from the time of delivery.

The condition of return goods

Buyer is liable for any deterioration of value due to any other handling than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. If the goods have been tested beyond the above mentioned limits, ACO FUNKI A/S considers the goods as used and Buyer will only be reimbursed with part or none of the purchase amount equivalent to the commercial value of the goods. 

Lack of original packing may present a deterioration of value, thus goods should be returned in original packing.

Reimbursement of purchase amount

In the event of purchase withdrawal, Buyer shall be reimbursed with the amount he has transferred to ACO FUNKI A/S. In the event of deterioration of goods value, for which Buyer is liable, the deterioration value will be deducted from the purchase amount.

Other terms

Self-supporting cast iron

Due to production method, fluctuations in dimensions and sizes may occur. As a result, the product may be uneven. None of these fluctuations are of any significant importance to the product functionality. Cast iron slats are only intended for pigs and should not be exposed to any other strain.

General information:

Colour difference may generally occur in the products, especially products produced of miscellaneous types of PVC/plastic/fiber material.

The buyer holds the responsibility of storing the purchased goods under a roof so that the goods are not exposed to frost, water and direct sunlight. Any damage as a result of incorrect storage as well as damage during transport at the place of delivery is the responsibility of the Buyer. 

All types of water valves are designed for a working pressure of 2.5-3.0 bar. It is the buyer’s responsibility to measure and possibly regulate the water pressure. ACO FUNKI A/S does not accept complaints on water valves used at a working pressure above 3 bar.

When extra deliveries of goods or services are requested due to alleged lacks, ACO FUNKI A/S reserves the right to invoice the goods’ value as well as any other additional costs, in case a previous delivery has been made or the alleged lacks are groundless.

ACO FUNKI A/S disclaims complaint liability if any acid has been added to water/feed without prior accept. ACO FUNKI A/S also disclaims liability if the concrete indoor climate, does not meet with the standards of good indoor climate.

The description of goods should only be considered as guiding and is subject to errors. Therefore, the component list is valid for the quote. If the component list is not attached to the quote, it is imposed on the Buyer to obtain it.