Art. no.: 550490
Availability: 37 PCS

AQUA DROP is a membrane-operated valve system, wich maintains a constant water level in the trough.

  • Stop valve on the front of the valve makes it easy to close off the water while emptying the pen of animals
  • Simple, reliable and easy to install
  • For water pressure of 2 - 2,5 bar

NB: the pipe for Aqua Drop must be purchased separately - click here.

For optimum use we recommend the following:

  • Water supply with a prefilter
  • Water pressure of 2,0 - 2,5 bar/29 - 36 PSI
  • The supply pipe - the vertical water pipe from the water level valve to the trough must be at least 80 - 200 cm
  • The supply pipe should be placed as far from the feed outlet as possible
  • Regularly cleaning of the supply pipe in order to avoid water contamination 
  • AQUA DROP is mounted in a height where the pigs cannot reach the valve